Jérôme Creel WP 9 Leader



Jérôme Creel has been a Deputy Director at OFCE, since 2003. He is also an Associate professor of economics at ESCP Europe. His work has dealt with economic policies in the EMU, and the economics of EU enlargement. Recent publications: J. Creel, P. Hubert and F. Saraceno, “An assessment of the Stability and Growth Pact reform in a small-scale macro framework”, forthcoming in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, J. Creel and P. Hubert, “Has Inflation Targeting Changed the Conduct of Monetary Policy?” forthcoming in Macroeconomic Dynamics, A. Cassette, J. Creel, E. Farvaque and S. Paty, “Governments under influence: country interactions in discretionary fiscal policy”, Economic Modelling, 30, 2013, 79-89, J. Creel, P. Hubert and F. Saraceno, “The European Fiscal Compact: a counterfactual assessment”,  Journal of Economic Integration, vol 27(4), December 2012, 537-563,  E. Archanskaïa, J. Creel and P. Hubert, “The nature of oil shocks and the global economy”, Energy Policy, vol. 42, March 2012, 509-520, J. Creel and P. Hubert, “Constrained discretion in Sweden”, Research in Economics, vol 66, March 2012, 33-44, J. Creel and M. Sawyer (eds.), Current thinking on fiscal policy , Palgrave, 2009; J. Creel, P. Monperrus-Veroni and F. Saraceno, ‘On the long term effects of fiscal policy in the United Kingdom: the case for a golden rule’, Scottish Journal of Political Economy , vol. 56, no.5, November 2009, 580-607.