Helen Evans FESSUD Project Manager

FESSUD Project Manager

Helen Evans is Project Manager of FESSUD and has worked on EU funded projects under both FP6 and FP7 in a managerial capacity. Under FP6 Helen was involved with the GIANT project (Gene therapy: an Integrated Approach to Neoplastic Treatment) both in a managerial and research capacity. GIANT consisted of 14 partners across the EU including Universities and SMEs. Under FP7 Helen was involved in EDICT (European Drug Initiative on Channels and Transporters) as project manager EDICT had 27 partners across the EU and Russia including Universities, SMEs and a partner from industry. Helen’s work includes: maintenance of the Consortium Agreement and organisation of various board and committee meetings; monitoring and follow up of any changes to contractual documentation and any financial and legal issues; liaising on behalf of the project with the Scientific Advisory Committee, Stakeholder Group, and Project Officer including project reporting; monitoring of workforce statistics; organisation of project meetings and workshops; organisation of project conferences; distribution of the European Union’s financial contributions; various project management tasks including writing and distribution of minutes of management meetings etc.