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The second FESSUD Conference was held on 17th to 19th Oct 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam Schiphol, Hoofddorp. The aims of the conference were to discuss the ways in which the growth and performance of economies in the last 30 years have been dependent on the characteristics of the processes of financialisation; how has financialisation impacted on the achievement of specific economic, social, and environmental objectives?; the nature of the relationship between financialisation and the sustainability of the financial system, economic development and the environment?; the lessons to be drawn from the crisis about the nature and impacts of financialisation? ; what are the requisites of a financial system able to support a process of sustainable development, broadly conceived? with academic and non academics working in areas relevant to the themes of FESSUD.

This was achieved through a call for papers through both our website and various academic groups which resulted in presentation of papers related to FESSUD on each day in addition to presentation and discussion of research findings arising from FESSUD, and also keynote speeches. The discussion of FESSUD research was split into the following sessions:

  • Comparative analyses of the changing role of finance in economy and society.
  • Theoretical Advances on Financialisation: An Encompassing Approach.
  • Comparative perspectives on evolution of financial regulation in European economies.
  • Causes and consequences of the financial crisis.
  • Financial stability and macroeconomic policies.
  • Financialisation and well-being.
  • Finance, environment and sustainability.
  • Financialisation and the real economy.

Feedback from delegates was that the conference was very enjoyable and intellectually stimulating with high quality papers, presentation and discussions.

Keynote speakers included: Prof Stephany Griffith-Jones, Prof. Bob Jessop and Prof. Brigitte Young.

Prof. Stephany Griffith Jones in dialogue with Prof. Malcolm Sawyer, FESSUD Scientific leader

In addition to the public arm of the conference there were project co-ordination meetings: For Work Packages to meet and discuss progress and the work over the coming 12 months: For the project’s Executive Board to discuss the progress in each Work Package as a group (including the project Co-ordinator and E.C Officer) to highlight if updates are needed to the work plan and discuss best action: For the Steering Committee to meet and discuss general project progress and provide an opportunity to vote on changes to the work plan if necessary. For the Stakeholder Group consisting of members of important institutions, and Scientific Advisory Committee consisting of high ranking scientists from across Europe and further afield and to give feedback to the project on it’s scientific progress and direction.

Prof. Bob Jessop in dialogue with Dr. Daniela Gabor

There were 100 delegates in total, including; representation from all 15 partner institutions;; the E.C Project Officer; and 7 members of the Scientific Advisory Committee; plus 5 members of the Stakeholder Group.

Prof. Charles Goodhart in dialogue with Prof. Malcolm Sawyer, FESSUD Scientific Leader and Prof. Giuseppe Fontana, member of FESSUD coordination team


Please find the current time table for sessions here

Registration closes 1st October 2013.

Keynote speakers include:

The conference sessions include key note speeches and paper presentations as well as the following sessions:

17th Oct

  • Comparative analyses of the changing role of finance in economy and society
  • Theoretical advances on financialisation: an encompassing approach

18th Oct

  • Causes and consequences of the financial crisis: evaluations of the explanations
  • Financial stability and macroeconomic policies

19th Oct

  • Finance, real economy and the state
  • Financialisation and well-being
  • Financialisation, environment and sustainability

Lunch and refreshments are included, if you would like optional dinner (buffet) please select the number of days when going through the booking process & detail which days when prompted along with ietary requirements.
*Please note* dinner is scheduled shortly after the end of each day for 17th & 18th October, however on the 19th October the day is scheduled to finish at approximately 5pm and dinner is at 8pm, please bear this in mind when choosing dinner options during registration.