Work package leaders (WPL) are the leaders of each work package. They are in charge of (amongst others) :

  • Implementing decisions taken by the Steering Committee and the Executive Board in their Work Packages
  • Coordinating the work of their Work Package including organising progress meetings and distribution of minutes
  • Organising periodic or ad-hoc meetings, as required for the execution of the work programme
  • Ensuring a proper and timely execution and submission of the deliverables
  • Reporting to the Coordinator Group about the work progress, the use of resources and the management issues in their Work Packages
  • Participating in the Executive Board meetings and reporting to the Executive Board
  • Contributing to the periodic reports to the European Commission

Malcom Sawyer

Lead Coordinator & WP 1 Leader

Andrew Brown and David Spencer

WP 2 & WP 12 Leaders

Eckhard Hein

WP 3 Leader

Rainer Kattel

WP 4 Leader

Ana Santos

WP 5 Leader

Jan Toporowski

WP 6 Leader

Alessandro Vercelli

WP 7 Leader

Wlodek Dymarski

WP 8 Leader

Jérôme Creel

WP 9 Leader

Magda Tancau

WP 10 Leader

Giuseppe Fontana

WP 11 Leader

Helen Evans

FESSUD Project Manager