Work Package Leader – University of Leeds


To review, debate and substantially develop the theory and methodology that is relevant to financialisation and to financial systems. The development will combine theories of financialisation (which tend to see financialisation as a secular development) with well-known typologies of financial systems (which tend to abstract from change through time). It will provide a common framework for understanding and dialogue across the many different theoretical perspectives and disciplines represented in FESSUD

To systematically describe and analyse the evolution of national financial systems within the EU, and also of the US of Turkey and of South Africa during the period of financialisation (the past three decades). The analysis will, inter alia, provide an evidence base for subsequent work packages.

To describe and analyse the evolution and integration of the EU financial system as a whole (and within that the Economic and Monetary Union), both in aggregate terms and through synthesis of the individual country reports.

Interview of David Spencer and Andrew Brown



FESSUD Studies in Financial Systems