Alessandro Vercelli WP 7 Leader


is full professor of Economic Policy and Environmental Economics and co-founder and President of REPROS at the University of Siena. He has been director of the Institute of Political Economy, the Department of Political Economy, and the Ph.D. Programme in Political Economy at the University of Siena. He has published widely in the fields of sustainable development, economic policy, business cycles, corporate social responsibility, behavioural finance, methodology, and history of economic analysis. He has been academic visitor in many foreign universities including NYU, Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, SOAS, Bielefeld, Valencia, Nice, Rio de Janeiro, and UCLA. He has won the St. Vincent Prize and has been the vice President of the International Economic Association. Recent publications: ‘A Perspective on Minsky Moments: The Core of the Financial Instability Hypothesis in Light of the Subprime Crisis’, Levy Working Paper, n. 579, The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson, 2009; Consolandi C, Innocenti A, Vercelli A, ‘CSR, rationality and the ethical preferences of investors in a laboratory experiment’, Research in Economics, vol.63, 4, pp.242-252, 2009; Sordi S, Vercelli A, ‘Financial Fragility and Economic Fluctuations’, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization , 2006, vol.61, pp.543-561.