David Spencer WP2 & WP12

Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds


is Professor of Economics and Political Economy, at the University of Leeds. He has published extensively in the areas of labour economics, macroeconomics, political economy, and social well-being. His research has been funded by the ESRC, EPSRC, Health and Safety Executive, and the Department of Trade and Industry. He is author of The Political Economy of Work (Routledge, 2009). Recent journal articles include: ‘Promoting High Quality Work: Obstacles and Opportunities’,  Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming: ‘Getting Personnel: Contesting and Transcending the ‘New Labour Economics’’, Work, Employment, and Society, 25: 1, 118-131, 2011; ‘The ‘Work as Bad’ Thesis in Economics: Origins, Evolution, and Challenges’, Labor History, 50: 1, 39-57, 2009.

Andrew Brown WP2 & WP12

Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds


is Senior Lecturer in Economics, at the University of Leeds. He has published in the areas of the economics of the euro, social wellbeing, political economy, and realist methodology in economics and the social sciences. He has extensive experience in collaborating on interdisciplinary and multi-method projects and is a deputy director of i-BUILD, a £3.5M EPSRC-ESRC infrastructure research centre. His research has been funded by the EU, ESRC, EPSRC, NERC, HSE and  BIS. Relevant publications include: Brown, A. (2013) ‘Critical realism in social research: approach with caution’, Work, Employment and Society, forthcoming; Brown, A. and Spencer, D. A. (2012) ‘The nature of economics and the failings of the mainstream: lessons from Lionel Robbins’s Essay’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 36, 4; Brown, A. Charlwood, A., Forde, C. and Spencer, D.A. (2009) ‘Employee Well- Being in Britain: Lower than the Raw Figures Suggest?’ in Whitfield, K. (ed.), Employee Well-Being and Working Life: Towards an Evidence-Based Policy Agenda, ESRC/HSE Report; Brown, A. (2008) ‘A Materialist Development of Some Recent Contributions to the Labour Theory of Value’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 32, 1; and Arestis, P., Brown, A. and Sawyer, M.C. (2001), The Euro: Evolution and Prospects, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.